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We convert your van for your next adventure.

Feel like you’re stuck at home? The thought of tent camping scares you away from the adventures you could have? koya vans builds affordable and functional conversion vans for your next adventure.

Ford Transit bench style

Our van conversion

koya vans specializes in Class B custom camper van conversions. Find out about the process of converting your van. You bring your own van and we built for you. We also do a point-built, meaning you can bring your van and we can help you modify or install features you want to have.

Winter camping is a breeze with our van.

Our story

Kim is a licensed builder in Minneapolis and an outdoor enthusiast. He wanted to spend time outdoors with the comforts of being at home. He began building a simple and functional camper van design inspired by the efficient use of small space in Japan.

Clear water at the beach


Stay tuned about van built and travel.

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